Activities for Families in Paradise 2018


  1. Teddy Bear Clinic by Mercy Hospital
    It’s time for Teddy Bear’s annual checkup! Mercy Hospital’s kid friendly ER is hosting a Teddy Bear Clinic to help medical fears disappear. After the checkup… you get to bring your teddy home! Ages: 2+
  1. Fun with Coding and Robotics by Fision, Fiber Optics by Hotwire
    Kids will refine their logic and test their problem solving skills using fundamental concepts of coding that will make our friendly robot come to life. This hands-on, interactive activity will engage young thinkers through visual coding and a self-guided mission. Ages: 6+


  1. Cleaning Beaches and Making Art by Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist Project
    Have fun making art using found objects from around the Key and beach cleanups. In the process, learn all about the Key’s unique environment and the threats that it currently faces due to climate change and pollution. Kids will understand the importance of protecting our island paradise and learn how to protect it. Ages: 5+
  1. Floss, Floss, Dance and Toss by IllustraDENT
    Floss, floss, floss your teeth every single day. Gently, gently, gently whisking plaque away. Perfect for inspiring kids to floss regularly. Oversized LEGO® blocks and putty demonstrate how flossing keeps gums healthy. Ages: All
  1. Create an intention and seal it in your own bracelet by Skanda Yoga
    Come to our space to experience a peaceful moment, reconnect with yourself, and set an intention. With that intention create your own powerful bracelet made with a real stone and pure love. The little ones will have fun creating their own colorful bracelet full of love! For kids and adults! Ages: 5+
  1. Tap into Your Creative Side by Toy Town
    Prepare to play at Toy Town where you’ll find a super stash of creative toys guaranteed to make you smile as you sample a magical array of creative activities including;  sidewalk chalk kits, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, as well as Whipple Craft Kits, Aquabeads, a variety of giveaway games, and more! Ages: All
  1. Reef Ranger Scientists by Miami Seaquarium
    Visit the Miami Seaquarium space to see how fin-tastic fish scales and shark teeth look under a microscope and to get engaged in a conservation focused crafts! Don’t miss their surprise animal appearance and learn more about Camp Seaquarium! Ages: 2+
  1. Create Your Own Cookie Masterpiece by The Golden Hog
    Get creative decorating your very own cookie with an assortment of decorations, including sprinkles, sugar, and candies. Show your family your masterpiece… and then you can eat it! Ages: 2+
  1. Cotton Candy Stand by Cecilia Gutierrez MassMutual South Florida
    Stop by the MassMutual South Florida stand and awaken your inner child. Adults and kids will love the tasty carnival style of freshly made cotton candy. Ages: All
  1. Fun STEM Challenge by Robotecnica + Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
    Whether you are a beginner or advanced robot builder, the engineer in you can practice basic programming, play with LEGO®, or build a simple robot. Come and show us your cool ideas. Ages: 8+

  1. Get Social and Connect with eXpats Club
    Step into eXpats Club’s photo booth, get creative and grab an Instagram frame to snap your unique Families in Paradise picture. Make sure to share the fun using the hashtag #FamiliesinParadise and like eXpats Club and Families in Paradise on social media. Everyone who visits our photo booth and shares their picture on social media will receive a lollipop and a raffle ticket for a surprise gift. Ages: 5+
  1. Close Encounter with Seagrass Creatures by Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center
    Young naturalists will be amazed when they get up close and personal with interesting invertebrates from the seagrass beds right off our beaches. Learn about hermit crabs, sea stars, and sea cucumbers. Feel a baby lobster tickle your hand, and if you’re brave… hold a spiky sea urchin! Ages 3+
  1. Explore the thrills of Virtual Reality by Budget Blinds
    Immerse yourself in the exciting universe of prehistoric times and outer space travel using nothing more than the power of technology. Enjoy thrilling rides through the virtual reality realm! Ages: 4+
  1. Test your Recycling Knowledge with Michele & Associates & Waste Management
    Are you a recycling genius? Test your recycling knowledge and find out exactly how much you know about conserving the earth’s resources and preserving paradise. Ages: 3+


  1. Build Your Dream Home by Padovan Realty Corp
    Do you love to build? Design your very own popsicle stick dream home on colorful construction paper. This activity will bring oodles of fun and engagement for everyone. The best part is that you can take your masterpiece home with you! Ages: 2+
  1. Spin Zambrano Orthodontics Wheel of Fortune by Zambrano Orthodontics
    Do you have what it takes to play Wheel of Fortune? Try your luck in this fun and interactive game hosted by Zambrano Orthodontics and win valuable prizes. Ages: 3+
  1. Become a Ritz Kid by The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami
    Join Ritz Kids® for an engaging and immersive experience that builds upon the adventures of travel your child will always treasure. Stop by and experience it yourself – activities that appeal to your child’s innate love of discovery and sense of curiosity. Ages: 5+
  1. Jumbo Jenga Colors by IberiaBank
    Test your skill and strategy with this Jumbo Jenga game. Pile them up and start playing. Winners will score some great goodies! Ages: 6+

  1. Fit Your Mood by Mood LifeClub
    All are welcome to join expert yoga and fitness instructors from Mood LifeClub to enjoy what Mood has to offer and talk about the benefits of exercising and a healthy lifestyle. Ages: All

Family Mandala Coloring by Mood LifeClub
Coloring is the perfect activity for kids and adults to relax and have fun! Mandala is more than a shape, it represents wholeness. Spend time with family and friends on this unifying experience and find out first hand the benefits of coloring. Ages: All

  1. Play Twister Carevenience Edition by Baptist Health Express Care
    Have some fun with the whole family while testing your coordination and balance. The object of the game is to keep your hands and feet on the mat as you twist and turn at the spinner’s cue. All while learning more about Baptist Health’s spectrum of care options. Ages: 3+
  1. Speed Helpers to the Rescue! by ServPro of South Miami
    Calling all little helpers! Our space has been damaged with water, fire and mold and we need your help to fix it. How fast can you dress up in a HAZMAT suit? Don’t forget the mask and protective hoodie. Ages: 4+
  1. What is Blood? by Dr. Carmen Ortiz by Island Clinic @ Key Biscayne
    Using fun items like marshmallows, salt, food coloring and cheerios, find out how each component in our blood works. Ages: 5+
  1. Tinkering Studio by Zaniac
    Ignite your child’s love of learning at Zaniac! Put your Tinkerer’s cap on and explore hands-on electrical engineering activities with Zaniac. Learn about inputs, outputs and how to create a home made paper circuit in 10 minutes. All tinkerers 5+ are invited.
  1. Community Artwork by St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Montessori School
    Calling all artists! Leave your mark and be part of our colorful community canvas to be displayed in the new building of St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Montessori School. All ages.
  1. Challenge yourself to break a board by Academy of Martial Arts, RDCA MMA
    Put on a karate jacket and belt, and tap into your incredible potential. Try your martial arts, break a board and win two free classes. Ages: 4+
  1. Kindness Rocks by Crossbridge Key Biscayne
    Brighten the day of a stranger and spread kindness to unsuspected recipients. Join in the fun of painting rocks with an encouraging message and drop it along the way throughout the key. This will make an impact in someone’s life who unsuspectedly finds the rock with the message. All ages.
  1. Test Your Aim with Your Airplane by Key Biscayne Presbyterian School
    Stop by the KBPS table to try your hand at making a paper airplane. Create your own style, or would you like to learn some new ways to fold paper airplanes? Come join us and take aim with newly created plane and see if you can get it through the target. We will be raffling one week of our Around the World in 63 Days Summer Camp 2018. Ages: 2+

Pixie Kindness Jar by Pixie Dreams
Help your kids spread kindness with this fun game. Kindness will lead to compassion in your household with colorful jelly beans!. Ages: 2+

  1. High-Speed Racing at Village Hall by Polga Medical Group
    Calling all speed devils! Come up with a cool name for one of our speedboats and race it at the turtle fountain to win one of the racing boats. Ages: 5+
  1. Learn to Fly with Miami Kiteboarding
    Come and try the fundamentals of piloting a powerful kite with a real-life simulator. Test your weather knowledge and your safety awareness with interactive fun quizzes and watch videos to understand how easy it can be to learn Kitesurfing. Ages: 5+
  1. Build Your Key Biscayne Community by EWM Realty International
    Combine math, art, and engineering for a fun hands-on construction activity. Future builders will design their very own Key Biscayne Community and take it home with them. Ages: 3+
  1. Creativity in Motion by Back to Basics
    Let the creative artist in you shine! Stop by to make some accessories and creative crafts. Come and learn basic hand sewing techniques and make a Peter Rabbit plush toy. This and other activities, such as machine sewing and design, etiquette, arts and crafts and cooking are just a sample of how much fun our classes at Back to Basics are! Ages: 2+


1. Key Biscayne Soccer Club Sweet Concession
2. Randazzo’s Italian Seafood & Classics
3. Puntino Pizzeria
4. Food area

Families in Paradise Food Court Map